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Liysa has lived her entire life in the deaf community – with two deaf parents and a deaf husband – she learned to communicate differently. Really differently. Now, she’s finding the humor (and voice) in her challenges, and learning to be heard above the noise. Join Liysa on her hilarious journey through a silent world – which sometimes is not so silent – as she uses stories, improvisation, audience participation, and tips to help give you a fresh perspective on your obstacles. Liysa will teach you to use humor in life and in business, help you embrace diversity to form stronger teams, and teach you the art of communicating beyond words.


FAIL (Find Amazing Inspiration and Laughter) to Success

To FAIL – is defined as; having tried with an unfavorable result or never trying. Not anymore! In the past, Liysa swept her failures under the rug, never to be revealed. Now, she is shaking out that rug and teaching her life-changing lessons of how failure can be turned into something amazing! She teaches how to approach, interpret and overcome ‘failure’ as the real success! With her authentic style and engaging stories – your audiences will be on the edge of their seats – filled with energy, ideas and a new perspective!

Tell ‘em

An inspirational and hilarious story of finding her own voice between the Deaf and hearing worlds. Liysa shares her journey of being a child of Deaf parents with American Sign Language as her first language. Her life got all the more interesting when she married Carl, who is also Deaf. All in all, the story is about overcoming obstacles to finding our true gifts.

You Begins With Why!

You make an impact on people every day! Most people don’t know their “WHY” and Liysa will help you discover your gifts! Use them in your personal or professional life.

  • Identify your strengths and interests with more confidence
  • Learn how to use them to be a happier person
  • Create an action plan to live your WHY

Liysa will inspire, motivate and educate you. With two deaf parents and a deaf husband, she learned her gifts where right in front of her, allowing her to impact people around her. The only speaker of her kind, Liysa shares her hilarious off-beat world where humor reigns, differences are appreciated and the importance of focusing on your own WHY.

Don’t Shout – People Shut Down and Deaf People Still Can’t Hear You

Words are a powerful tool of communication – but you have tremendous power beyond your words. With two deaf parents and a deaf husband, she has learned the art of impacting others without using her voice. Join us as she takes us into her hilarious off-beat world where humor reigns, differences are appreciated, and where communication takes on a whole new meaning. Liysa shares how to communicate beyond words by offering tips on:

  • Communicate with listening skills
  • Avoid the No Blame No Shame – and mean it
  • How to diffuse someone that is irritated, upset or angry
  • Power of the unspoken word

Humor Leadership – Improves Productivity and Morale 

Learn how leading with humor will boost employee morale and productivity. Liysa will share the benefits and importance of humor in the workplace. Think of it as light-hearted-ness for the soul. For those businesses using servant leadership – this is a great addition to any business model. You will learn:

  • You don’t need to be a comic to lead with humor
  • Grant permission
  • Do’s and Don’ts to getting started
  • Practical, inexpensive and easy ideas to productivity with humor